The movement “Aganaktismenoi Heraklion” (“Indignant Heraklion”) began on Eleftheria Square on Tuesday, 24th of May and has been continuing ever since due to the combined efforts of Heraklion's citizens.

The movement is part of a larger wave occurring all over Greece and was inspired by the peaceful occupation of public squares all over Spain (“Indignados”, or “15M”). All over Greece - in Athens, Thessaloniki, Patras, Chania and countless other cities - indignant citizens are gathering on public squares to express their dissatisfaction with the current political and cultural situation. The political profile of the movement is explicitly “banner-free” – there is no central party or governing body organising or coordinating the movement. For the first time Heraklion's history, citizens of all social classes and political “colors” are engaging in direct political discussion concerning their city's future.

Initially brought into life via a Facebook group, the movement has attracted many citizens who until recently had little to no knowledge or opinion on current political affairs. The steady increase of participants and the growing number of – until now – so-called “unpoliticals” who are taking an interest in the shaping the future of their city is a direct proof of just how dissatisfied citizens are with the political situation in Greece and Heraklion.

The nature of the demonstration is strongly autonomous – with the slogan “take your life into your own hands”, rather than depend on a political system that is continuously failing to cover their most basic needs, citizens are slowly realizing their own potential and strength in bringing a change into their society. This new-found strength is slowly but surely manifesting itself as more and more people step up to the microphone and express – in many cases for the first time in their lives – their own opinions and beliefs to an until now anonymous crowd: their fellow citizens.

People are encouraged to contribute whatever they can or wish – be it ideas, opinions, food, tools, technical or financial support. The level of dedication and contributions – whether from passer-bys or from permanent participants - has been truly moving.

To continue our efforts in the most productive way, a central assembly is held daily at 18:00pm, in which practical organizational matters are discussed and presented, as well as individual participants ideas and suggestions are heard out.

Groups concerning basic functions such as Kitchen, Hygiene, Technical Support, Information, General Secretary and Cultural Groups hold daily meetings and pass on concrete proposals to the General Assembly. Active participation is open to everybody and strongly encouraged on all levels.

Proposed actions, programs and conclusions decided by the General Assembly are published on the movements blog: aganaktismenoihrakleio.blogspot.com.

In addition, anybody who is interested in supporting or participating in the movement is welcome to approach the individual groups, or attend the Group Meetings and General Assembly.

We want to underline that the success and failure of this movement depends directly on the active participation of all people – ALL PEOPLE ON ELEFTHERIA SQUARE.